Member of China Friendship External Suppliers Association
Member of International Ship Suppliers Association
The ship supplying has been recognized by the exit-entry quarantine & inspection administration and the port affairs administration on sanitation,qualification and management.Also the company has joined the international ISSA association.

A. Fowl,livestock,seafood and freezing food
B. Vegetables and fruits
C. Grain
D. Seasoning
E. Drink
F. Islam food
Tax-free commodities: wine and smoke Ship store and spare parts
1. Articles for daily using

A. Articles for kitchen using
B. Articles for work using
C. Articles for bed using
D. Articles for office using
2. Articles for deck using
A. Hawser and anchor
B. Rigging and net
C. The adhesive tape for hatch,the machine for pressing,the rubber bar,the chain for hatch and the hat for breath
D. Paint,brush and the instrument for cutting rust
E. The instrument for colligating containers
3. The equipments for environment , fire protection and lifesaving
A. Oil absorbing felt and oil removing chemical
B. Life raft, air jacket, life buoy, spare accident boat and machine for breath
C. Mark for adhibiting and signal
D. Squirt gun,water strap and tie-in
E. Medicine
4. The equipments for navigation
A. The equipments for communication
B. National flag, code flag,the sign for signal and chart
C. Reference book for navigation
D. Stationery
5. The tools
A. The electromotion tools
B. The pneumatic tools
C. The hardware tools
D. The cutting tools
E. The survey tools
F. The jointing tools
6. The material and parts
A. Pipe parts , tie-in and elbow
B. Steels (board,tube and bar)
C. Copper(board,tube and bar)
D. Zinc(board,tube and bar)
E. Rubber(board,tube and bar)
F. Screws and nuts
G. Pumps and valves
H. Axletrees
7. Electric equipments
A. Lamps and lanterns and plugs
B. The electrical equipments of 110V and 440V
C. The motors
D. The electromotion tools
8.The spare parts of ship
A. The spare parts of main engine
B. The spare parts of generator
C. The spare parts of communication

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