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Story of our company G.M. is included by a new book in Suzhou
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 ( 11/12/2007)
New Glorious Achievements, a book compiled by the transferred military officers management office of Suzhou City, has published recently. It is a selection of 28 transferred military officers who have achieved
outstanding success in their own fields, and the book is prefaced by
Wang Rong, Permanent Member  of the  Communist Party’s Committee of
Jiangsu Province and also Secretary of the Communist Party Committee
of Suzhou City. Sun Jinquan, Legal Representative and General Manager of our company, actively responded to the call of the Party, gave up a chance of working in the local government, and chose to make a living on his own. He founded a ship service company of his own and had been working very hard with his staff in  the past years, and  had finally
achieved an initial success. We can  read his  moving story  in this
As a transferred military officer,  General Manager Sun Jinquan  is a
man of steadiness and decision, and holds the business conceptions of honesty and credit. These good  qualities  and tough work  style have
helped his company to grow up rapidly  in relatively  short time  and
become one of the excellent port enterprises in Taicang Port. What he has done has been highly appraised by the leaders of different levels, and has brought about some positive impacts in the locality.
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