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Notice of Moving
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Taicang Faster Ship Service & Trading Co., Ltd
Address: Sanliqiao, Liuqian Road, Liujiagang, Fuqiao Town, Taicang City,
          Jiangsu Province                  Post Code: 215433
Telephone:0512-53703532, 63494938          Fax: 0512-53644978
Internet:          E-mail:
Shanghai Branch: Tel: 021-35090966 Fax: 021-55239108
Chongming Office (in shipyard): Tel/Fax: 021-59686349
Changxing Office (in shipyard): Tel/Fax: 021-56858905
Notice of Moving
Our company has finished  the construction projects  of  the  Voyage Repairing
Workshop and new office building recently, and the company and its staff moved
into the new office building on the 15th of December. We therefore inform you of
our new company address and contact numbers.
Company Address: Sanliqiao, Liuqian Road, Liujagang, Fuqiao Town, Taicang,
                   Jiangsu Province.
Area Number: 0086-512                 Post Code: 215433
Switch Board: 0512-53703532           Fax:      53644978
Direct phone:
      General Manager                               53644638
      Vice General Manager                          53644638
      Administration & Finance Dept.                53642948
      Ship Service Dept. Manager                    53642848
      Ship Service Dept. Office staff               53644378
      Voyage Repairing Workshop                     53642748
      Firefighting & Lifesaving Equipments
                       Check & Repairing Station    53642648
      Staff Dormitory & Mess Hall                   53642408
      Entrance Guard                                53642448
      Office in Port Supervision Building           53706695
                                    Fax:            53703367
Communication remains the same as before with our Shanghai Branch, Chongming
Office and Changxing Office.
We shall appreciate your visiting and inquiry.
                               Taicang Faster Ship Service & Trading Co., Ltd
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Add: Sanliqiao,Liuqian Road, Fuqiao Town ,Taicang, Jiangsu ,China P.C.: 215433
Tel : +86-512-53703532 53644378 Fax: 53644378 E-mail :